COHA is committed to delivering value to its partners in a collegial, transparent and accountable manner, acting in common interest to achieve shared goals. COHA will prioritize issues according to three principles: the issue is common to all three partners; the issue is national in scope; and the issue is more effectively addressed by COHA than by any of its individual members alone. COHA will support individual partners’ causes where practical to the benefit of the Alliance. COHA will serve all partners in an equitable manner in both official languages.

Through its partner organizations, COHA represents the Canadian ornamental horticultural sector from coast to coast. While the size and composition of the sector varies in different regions, issues of concern in one region or subsector are often shared by others across the country. COHA adds value as the national voice for such cross-cutting issues.



The sector across Canada

  • Almost 90 percent of gross farm gate receipts for ornamentals are distributed among the provinces of Ontario (50 percent), British Columbia (24 percent) and Québec (14 percent) (2007).
  • Québec and BC experienced the highest annual growth rates between 2002 and 2007, at 2.9 percent and 2.5 percent respectively, followed by Ontario at 1.3 percent.
  • Ontario is the third-largest producer of greenhouse floricultural products in North America.
  • The Atlantic provinces account for 3.2 percent of Canadian ornamental sales at farm gate (2007) and, along with Québec, are a major producer of Christmas trees.
  • The Prairies account for nearly 10 percent of ornamental sales (2007)