The Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance research and innovation cluster is funded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The following links provide a first-year summary of the projects included in the COHA-ACHO ornamentals’ cluster (2018-2023):

Adapting the ornamental sector to the new realities Introduced by climate change

Integrated techniques for efficient breeding, production and transplant survival of unique ornamental species

Dr. Alan Sullivan / Dr. Praveen Saxena

University of Guelph

Sullivan Saxena (Eng) Mar 2019


Integrating a genetic, agronomic and economic approach to improving environmental adaptability and end use quality of creeping red fescue

Dr. Nityananda Khanal

AAFC and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Khanal (Eng) Mar 2019


Enhancing environmental sustainability through resource optimization

Optimizing nutrient delivery in greenhouse-grown potted chrysanthemums: Sub-irrigation and drip irrigation systems

Dr. Barry Shelp

University of Guelph

Shelp (Eng) Mar 2019


Optimizing turfgrass fertilization to reduce nitrate losses through leaching

Dr. Yves Desjardins / Dr. Guillaume Gregoire

Université Laval

Gregoire (Eng) Mar 2019


Changing production practices to increase plant health and production efficiency in floriculture crops

Dr. Rose Buitenhuis

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Buitenhuis (Eng) Mar 2019


Minimizing horticultural impacts on surface water quality to encourage re-use through enhanced pond management

Dr. Jeanine West


West (Eng) Mar 2019


Enabling recirculation with hybrid treatment systems

Dr. Ann Huber

The Soil Resource Group

Huber (Eng) Mar 2019


Irrigation efficiency in nurseries: towards a more sustainable approach

Dr. Charles Goulet

Université Laval

Goulet (Eng) Mar 2019


Driving productivity gains to increase competitiveness

Use of LEDs to improve ornamental crop production

Dr. Youbin Zheng

University of Guelph

Zheng (Eng) Mar 2019


Temperatures within horticultural plants: Stems and Flowers- explaining rapid growth

Dr. Peter Kevan

University of Guelph

Kevan (Eng) Mar 2019


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